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Payment Types Accepted
Welcome to Gitche Gumee Handcrafted Jewelry by Gina Harman.  We are here to serve everyone, whether you are paying online or would rather pay through the mail.

We accept the following payment types:
PayPal - simply click onto a product and you will be prompted through secure online payments in PayPal:  PayPal payment, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express

Non-Paypal / Regular Mail - please notify me via email the items you would like to purchase, I will give you the exact amount total for that purchase.  We accept either cashiers check or money orders through regular mail.  We only accept payment that reflects the exact amount of purchase - this must include shipping (if under $75.00 in total) and taxes (if you live in Michigan).  Your products will be shipped within 24 hrs of receiving your payment flat rate USPS.  When emailing, please give me your name, address, phone #, the item numbers for the products you are interested in.

“For centuries the Ojibwe people have regarded this body of water as "Gitche Gumee", meaning "Big Sea" or "Huge Water".